In your BRM environment, you will find professional opportunities needed by companies, public and private organisations and other entrepreneurs, both in Spain and abroad.

BRM is a portal with a new philosophy, in which we can find a wide range of national and international professional alternatives, as well as the chance to join collaborations or find your opportunity to become an entrepreneur. At BRM, you will find job ads from national and multinational companies, public organisations, associations, NGOs and entrepreneurs that are looking for professional collaborators, and many other possibilities.
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What can you obtain with this tool?
We invite you to register with BRM (free of charge), where you can find job opportunities both in Spain and abroad. To do so, we ask you to spend a few short minutes in filling out information on your profile, which is essential so that entrepreneurs and companies looking for collaborators can find you.

We recommend you to enter in projects and look for that type of occupation you would like to have.

Those important data are:

Your current location (CITY), communication languages, sector in which you want to work, country where you want to work and, if you wish, you can attach your CV in a PDF. Of course, to obtain this goal, we recommend that you provide as much detail as possible, as you can always hide specific personal data by using the privacy options. Our best wishes for your stay at BRM.

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The BRM Team

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Learn more about BRM

BRM is a web portal for business contacts, marking the difference between social networks and professional contact networks. At BRM, users can carry out their real projects. These projects can be broken down into different objectives, for which there is a large job bank.

At BRM, the centre of everything is your future project based on human relations, commercial and professional relations, where borders are no limit.

These may be:

  • Business expansion projects
  • Research projects
  • NGO projects
  • New infrastructures projects
  • Services projects
  • Business development and expansion
  • Industry development and expansion
  • International collaboration
  • Business openings
  • Commercial franchises
  • Staff selection in the job bank.
  • Or any other type of project ...

Each project can be divided in different objectives, which could be:

  • Human Resources. Job bank.
  • Material resources.
  • Infrastructures.
  • Machinery and equipment.
  • Logistics and transport.
  • Grants and subsidies.
  • Financial resources.
  • Research and development.
  • Collaborations.
  • Or simply what haven’t been defined here.

In short, BRM is a platform on which to showcase and find projects with objectives, collaborations, contracting, at any professional level, on research or any other type. Without geographic or language barriers (*). And all within the primary sector, secondary sector, tertiary sector or quaternary sector.

On BRM, you can find contacts, job and business opportunities.

We give you the tool to work with. You decide how to use it.

Users can interact anonymously, totally open to all users, or custom select different visibility parameters.

BRM is a portal / showcase of future projects that you can join, to start creating positive synergies, where we want to make a useful tool available to the business and professional world, with the aim of contributing to improving your future situation.

It is not a platform for selling products, but instead we have designed a new format on which you can contact different users, which will let you develop your intentions for commercial expansion.