Your environment to develop humanitarian projects and to find the necessary collaborators.

BRM is a new philosophy for searching for and finding collaborations with the aim of executing all levels and types of humanitarian projects anywhere in the world.

You put the limit, and we give you the platform!.
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Above all, we want to make it clear that BRM is a complete and effective tool, without advertising, on which working is user friendly, easy and intuitive, and is extremely useful for the future development of your NGO. "FREE OF CHARGE"
BRM is a web portal for business contacts, marking the difference between social networks and professional contact networks. On BRM, your NGO can carry out its real projects, both national and international ones.

The focus at BRM is your organization’s future projects that involve human, commercial and professional relations, where borders are no obstacle, and you have the chance to find collaborators and partners who will help you make these projects real. We will soon have a tool developed so that companies can publish their surpluses, to which you will have access, if an agreement is reached.

By registering on BRM, your NGO can post unlimited projects, in as many countries as needed, and whatever type they may be. From making a well to extract drinking water, to launching a rural hospital, or requesting donations.

In summary, BRM is a platform on which you can post your projects and their different objectives, find and collaborate with universities, companies or professionals and reach any necessary agreements, conduct research projects, as well as locating the professionals you need to expand your organization. Without geographic or language barriers (*). And all of this in any sector.

On BRM, you can find contacts and opportunities.

We give you the tool to work with. You decide how to use it.

We recommend that your NGO has the user level of entrepreneur, so that you can interact totally openly and be visible to all users, although you can select your visibility parameters.

BRM is a portal / showcase of future projects that you can join, to start creating positive synergies, where we want to put a useful tool at your fingertips to help the neediest and improve their futures.
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What can you obtain with this tool?
  • A completely free environment to exhibit your company’s projects
  • Possibility to develop your projects
  • To collaborate with users.
  • To look for qualified collaborators.
  • To identify surplus.
  • To collaborate with universities to implement the projects in a very competitively manner.
  • To find economical donations or material surplus.
  • To release personal data when you decide it.
The recommended level for NGOs on BRM is that of entrepreneur, which we make available to you free of charge (after submission of supporting documents), so that your organisation can set out its aid projects, either in your country of origin or in different countries with less resources, where you want to implement your aid projects, specifying all requirements you have with respect to human and material resources, supplies and volunteers or workers.

One of our ideals for this platform is to generate innovation through the new synergies we propose, to start up collaborations with universities throughout the world so that they work with you in developing the projects they require. This is an excellent opportunity for universities to have work experience for their teachers and students.

For this reason, both universities and NGOs on BRM, will have a special free membership on the portal.

And now, let everybody know your project!

We hope that this tool will be extremely useful for you in carrying out your humanitarian aid projects.

We wish you success in your projects during your stay in BRM.

BRManager Team.