General terms and conditions for users


These General Conditions regulate the access and use, by entrepreneurs and collaborators, of the services on the platform, titularidad de GRUPO CAROBO TRES, S.L., con domicilio Social en C/ LLEFIÀ, 59-61 de BADALONA, 08912 (BARCELONA, SPAIN), with tax number B-65215188 and registered in the Companies Register in Barcelona, Volume 41723, Folio 0211, Section GENERAL, Page 394686, Province B, 1st Entry.

The aim of the web platform is to provide search services so that the ‘objectives’ that make up the ‘projects’ entered into the system by ‘Entrepreneurs’, can be found by suitable ‘Collaborators’, and so that both parties, the ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Collaborator’, have the tools available for establishing dialogue with each other.

WARNING: is not a platform for direct product sales. As expressed in the last paragraph, its aim is to find contacts for collaborating and working together to complete specific project objectives. It is possible that the needs defined in a project’s specific objectives entail the rental, loan or even sale of a specific product or service, for which provides the contact platform, and is not designed to manage the operation. In no case will product sales be accepted as a project or objective. (this paragraph) defines Collaborators as professionals, companies, universities and all people and organisations that can provide skills to do the objectives of a project, for which the services of are employed and who logon to the website owned by the GRUPO CAROBO TRES, SL. In line with this purpose, potential ‘Collaborators’ may be professionals, professional groups, companies, associations, institutions and any other entity that can perform concrete project objectives that are entered into the system. defines Entrepreneurs as professionals, companies, universities and all people and organisations that can enter and maintain at least one project broken down into at least one objective on the platform provided by and who logon to the website owned by the GRUPO CAROBO TRES, SL. In line with this purpose, potential ‘Entrepreneurs’ may be professionals, professional groups, companies, industries, associations, institutions and any other entity that needs to contact Collaborators to help them complete their projects. calls both Entrepreneurs and Collaborators users, with the aim of addressing both groups on matters that involve both of them in this document. reserves the right to modify these General Usage Terms at any time without prior notice, with the aim of adapting them to current legislation in force and applicable at any given time, new jurisprudence features and common market practices. reserves the right to modify, with no prior notice, the design, layout and/or configuration of this website, as well as some or all services, and to add new services and remove them. recommends that you read these present terms periodically. pledges to continually improve and develop new tools that provide more features and services to registered Entrepreneurs and Collaborators.

Users’ usage of any of the services on entails and expresses their adhesion to and acceptance of all the General Usage Terms, in their published and future versions, on this portal, at the time when users logon to, as well as to the Particular Terms that may be applicable.

The use of certain services offered to Entrepreneurs and Collaborators on may be subject to own particular conditions that, depending on the case, replace, complete and/or modify these Legal Conditions. Therefore, prior to using these services, Entrepreneurs and Collaborators should also carefully read and accept their particular conditions, if there are any.

Duties shall only be held liable for its own services and contents it has directly created, which are identified by its copyright as a brand or intellectual or industrial property for the platform. shall never take responsibility for or support the products or services provided or offered by the client or by third party individuals or companies by means of their services (such as translation services) (*), or the contents, information, communications, opinions or statements of any type made by third party individuals or companies that communicate, transmit or exhibit through our services. may delete illegally or allegedly illegal contents from its website with no prior notice.

System users, both entrepreneurs and collaborators expressly acknowledge that it is not technically possible to achieve 100% availability of the website, as it is not totally dependent. Nonetheless, shall take great efforts to keep availability as constant as possible. Particularly for reasons of maintenance, security or capacity, as well as events outside the influence of (such as for example anomalies in the public communication network, electricity cuts, etc.), there may be brief anomalies or short-lived suspensions in the services of services

The services that offers are listed below:

Registration of users free of charge as collaborators, with the possibility to communicate with all of them, with the aim of responding to some of their projects or a specific project objective. It is absolutely prohibited to use messaging to promote yourself or company or mail propaganda, so that the GRUPO CAROBO TRES reserves the right to delete your profile if you are reported on for these acts.
User registration as an active Collaborator, with all functions activated by using all of the platform’s communication elements.
Free registration for Entrepreneurs, but by payment to have all the functions of an active collaborator and the possibility of posting and maintaining unlimited projects in the system and communicating with all Collaborators on your projects. We recommend that you post all of your projects in the language of the project destination country.
Both Entrepreneurs and Collaborators can deactivate their anonymity whenever they want, as they are the ones in charge of this setting.
Be listed in the search results done via the database of collaborators and entrepreneurs registered with depending on the privacy level you have selected. Interest Alert service: Automatic reception if users have activated the Project and Objective Interest Alerts, and have configured their settings to receive communication requests from pre-selected database members depending on geographic areas, activity sectors or as a direct response to specific types of objectives. lets this service be deactivated by going to the Options page for the user profile, as well as by following the instructions at the bottom of email alerts.
Other services that may create and consider of interest for Collaborators and Entrepreneurs, such as VIP opinions, news articles, links of interest, etc.

The users’ obligations

Users pledge to use the website and its associated services diligently and legally and with respect for others, with full subjection to current regulations in force, good practices and the present Legal Conditions and, as applicable, the particular conditions, as well as maintaining due respect to other candidates and entrepreneurs. Candidates also accept responsibility if links to child exploitation, the illegal trafficking of minors, illegal trafficking of prostitution or arms or drug trafficking are found. As well as any event that could be penalised by law. conditions the use of the majority of its services to first filling out the pertinent website user registration, in accordance with Law 15/99 on Personal Data Protection.

Users must select an ID or login and a password, pledging to use them and store them with due diligence. The use of passwords is personal and non-transferable, where they cannot be transferred to third parties, even temporarily. In this regard, users must adopt the measures needed for the safeguarding of the passwords they select, preventing its use by third parties. As a consequence, users are the only parties responsible for use that is made after signing in with their own passwords, with complete indemnity for . If users know or suspect that third parties are using their password, they should notify of this circumstance as quickly as possible.

All information provided by users through the services must be truthful. To this end, users guarantee the authenticity of all data they provide as a consequence of filling out the forms needed to sign up for services.

It will also be users’ responsibility to keep all their information permanently updated, so that data always reflect users’ actual situation. Users will be the sole parties responsible for false or inexact statements they make and the damages or losses caused to or to third parties due to the information provided.

Users are obligated to respect applicable laws and third party rights when using the website’s contents and services. Likewise, the copying, distribution, transmission, adaptation and modification are prohibited, by any medium and by any method, of the website contents (texts, designs, graphics, information, database, sound and/or image files, logos, etc.). And other items on this website, except after receiving authorisation from its legitimate owners, the GRUPO CAROBO TRES, SL, or when thus permitted by law.

These prohibitions include, but are not limited to: using injurious or calumnious contents, regardless of whether these contents affect other users, people or companies, contents that indicate or promote sexual, racial, religious or any other type of discrimination of the fundamental rights and freedoms recognised by the Spanish constitution, using pornographic contents or those that violate laws on the protection of minors, or advertising, offering or distributing pornographic products or products violate laws on the protection of minors, bothering other users (especially with spam), using legally protected contents (i.e. by the legislation related to intellectual property, brands, patents, usage models or aesthetic models) without having the right to do so, or advertising, offering or distributing goods or services that are legally protected, or doing or fostering actions contrary to free competition, including those aimed at the progressive winning of clients (such as chain, snowball or pyramid schemes), which illegally incite illegal actions or are misleading due to their inaccuracy, omissions or similar, that contain false or outdated information, that violate legal or regulatory standards on the secrecy of communications.

Users are prohibited from doing these actions:

Using mechanisms, software or scripts in relation to the usage of the website.
Blocking, overwriting, modifying or copying, if this is not necessary for the proper use of the services on the websites. For example, copying via browser technologies such as Robot / Crawler are not needed for the correct use of website services, so that it is expressly prohibited.
Disclosing, reproducing and publishing contents of the website of, of users or third parties, without the prior authorisation of the owner of the rights.
Any action that could damage the functionality of the infrastructure of, especially to overload it.
By using any of the materials and information contained on this website for illegal purposes that are expressly prohibited in the present Legal Conditions, or in the particular conditions that are in place, that are contrary to the rights and interests of, its members and/or third parties, and shall be held liable with them if they violate or breach these obligations and/or that in any way (including the entry or dissemination of computer viruses), damage, render unusable, worsen or prevent normal usage of the materials and information contained on the website, information systems, or the documents, files and all types of contents stored on any computer equipment (hacking) of, its members or any user.

Users who intentionally breach or are guilty of breaching any of the obligations set out above will be liable for all damages and losses they cause.

Contents provided by users does not permit the distribution, management or communication of contents that worsen service quality. The provision of contents is prohibited:

that are allegedly illegal due to national, community or international regulations, or that conduct allegedly illegal activities or those that go against the principles of good faith.
That do not meet the quality parameters established on
That violate people’s fundamental rights, lack courtesy, bother or could generate negative opinions by our users or third parties or, in general, any contents that considers inappropriate.
And, in general, that violate the principles of legality, honesty, responsibility, protection of human dignity, protection of minors, protection of the public order, protection of private life, consumer protection and intellectual and industrial property rights.

Likewise, reserves the right to remove from its website with no prior notice those contents that are deemed inappropriate for the characteristics and purposes of cannot supervise each and every content posted, so that it cannot be held responsible for contents.

In any case, all contents posted and published will be reviewed periodically to ensure the quality principles of and the rules set out herein.

Any users who post contents that violate current laws must know that they will be held liable for the damages and consequences stemming from this action.

The Business Relations Manager Team.

(*) coming soon